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Radical Mastoidectomy

Radical Mastoidectomy Any difficulty in hearing can be problematic. Radical Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure wherein mastoid air cells (a part of the skull located behind the ear), part of middle ear structure and ear canal are removed by the doctor in order to prevent the mastoid disease or mastoiditis (mastoid bone infection) to spread further.

Why should I go for Radical Mastoidectomy?

Any ear infection can be quite painful for a patient. One should never neglect to take care of ear. Radical Mastoidectomy helps in treating the mastoid air cells in ear which may have caught some infection. If not treated the infection may even spread to your skull.

The procedure

A small incision in the ear to reach the middle ear & remove the mastoid air cells to avoid any infection is made by the doctor.The posterior & superior canal wall of the ear is detached.Exteriorisation of the middle ear is also conducted.

Do I have to get admitted?

Radical Mastoidectomy is conducted under general anaesthesia, therefore, it is advisable to take admission.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital?

Radical Mastoidectomy takes on two-three hours and a patient can go the very same or the next day, depending on the time of the surgery and the condition of the patient.





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