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Myringotomy Myringotomy is a common procedure to remove the accumulated fluid in the middle ear which is usually takes half an hour. The patient does not have to get admitted in the hospital; it is an outpatient procedure.

Usually we go for home remedies in case of any discomfort in ear but home remedies will not always help. You must consult your doctor in case of any issues related to ear as it is a very sensitive organ. Myringoplasty is a minor procedure and will benefit you in getting rid of any fluid formation in ear. It will also reduce and eliminate pain. The procedure also helps in preventing the ear from any further infection.

How does the fluid get accumulated in the ear?

There is no particular reason for fluid getting accumulated in the ear. Any kind of infection or dysfunctional ear tube may cause the fluid to not drain or pass through the tympanic membrane.

Procedure for Myringotomy

It is a small procedure which does not require an Operation Theatre. The fluid is cleared by inserting tympanostomy tube to clear the middle ear from any fluid. The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia for adults. General anaesthesia is opted in case of children.

How much time does it take to heal?

The patient can immediately go home after the procedure but proper medication and care is required to heal the area. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to fully heal the wound. The tube is also removed after 6-12 months.





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