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Microscopic / Endoscopic Disc Surgeries

Microscopic / Endoscopic Disc Surgeries

  • A decade ago, the term ‘Spine Surgery’ would have given anyone a sleepless night but not anymore.
  • At BLK Super Speciality Hospital you will be on pain-free and on your toes within few days with the Microscopic/Endoscopic Disc Surgeries.
  • The doctors make an incision of just 2 inches to insert the endoscopic instrument in order to remove/patch the affected tissue.
  • The small incision helps in protecting any further tissue destruction which fastens the healing process.

The Surgery

After proper counselling of the patient, this surgery is conducted through an optical endoscope which is inserted through a very small incision under local anaesthesia where patient remains awake during the whole procedure. The surgeons remove the affected area while the remainders are shrinked or eliminated with the help of chymopapain. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes.

Post-op Care

After the surgery, you will be advised to take proper rest before you go back to your routine. You will be given a specially fitted plastic corset which you will have to wear for a period of one to two weeks. You will also be given physiotherapy sessions after one week of the surgery to improve the function of the spine. It is only after 6 weeks that you will be assisted in strengthening exercises for your back and abdominal muscles.

Can I travel immediately after the surgery?

Any activity which may be strain on your back must be avoided. You may travel to office or do routine work at home which is not strenuous.





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