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Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction): It is a condition that causes abnormally enlarged breasts in males. It is common among teens and older men alike. This can be caused by several factors including hormonal imbalance, puberty, side effects of drugs or old age.Gynaecomastia can affect one or both breasts. Formation of extra tissue around nipples, prominent breasts, painful or tender breast tissue are some of the obvious signs.

Why Gynaecomastia?

Qualified surgeons at BLK Aesthetic Surgery Centre take great care in evaluating patients and their symptoms. After this, a simple keyhole surgery is performed to treat the condition. Sometimes medication may also be administered to adjust the hormonal imbalance.

Sometimes obesity, ill health and excessive alcohol intake contribute to breast enlargement. However, you may not always need surgery. The enlargement may be controlled by dietary changes and exercise. Its best to consult your doctor before undergoing surgery.

The procedure is usually carried out under general or local anesthesia within 90 minutes. An incision is made and liposuction is done to remove excess tissue and the enlarged gland. Post surgery, it is best to avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks. An elastic garment should be worn for achieving good results.

Having a gynaecomastia surgery is purely personal decision. Patients are advised to proceed only if they willing to accept potential risks and complications. Complications may include hematoma formation or infections.





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