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Embryo Donation

Egg Donation

During an IVF procedure, couples often have embryos that remain unused. These embryos can be cryopreserved, frozen and put into storage for future use. Once the embryo has been cryopreserved, the couple can make a decision. They can choose to either build a future family or give the embryos to science for research purposes.

They can also be donated to another couple dealing with infertility. Thus, embryo donation can help a couple to experience the joy of pregnancy and giving birth.

Embryo Donation Vs Egg Donation

Patients who are eligible for egg donation can opt for embryo donation as well. Unlike egg donation which is a costly procedure, embryo donation is far more affordable. Also, embryo donation has better success rates with pregnancy rates as high as 30-40%.

Procedure Confidentiality

Embryo donation is completely anonymous, barring cases where a friend or relative of the recipient has made a donation. No records are kept about the origin of the embryos. The donor couple and recipients never see or contact each other.





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