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Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Loss of hearing can not only be disturbing for a person but also his/her loved ones . Complications at birth, Genetic disorders, Chronic ear infections, & exposure to excessive noise, ageing or any infectious disease causes hearing disability. BLK ENT Department offers Cochlear Implant surgery which helps in providing sense of sounds to a person with total or partial hear loss.

What is Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear Implant is an electronic device which is placed behind the ear. The device do not revive or create 100% hearing but is quite helpful in creating a sense of sound with sound processor which are present on the outside of the skin. The implant sends electric signals by picking up sound from the microphone to the brain by stimulating the cochlear nerve & creating a sense of sound.

What is the procedure to embed the Cochlear device?

The surgery is an open surgery wherein the cochlear implant bypasses the normal hearing process. The cochlear device is surgically embedded behind the ear of a patient & is conducted under general anaesthesia.

How does a doctor find if a patient requires Cochlear Implant?

A team of doctor conducts multiple tests before suggesting a surgery for Cochlear implants. The surgery is usually conducted on children who are born with hearing disability or face hearing loss due to some ailment/accident.

What kind of Post-Op care is required?

A lot of care is required post the surgery as hearing is a new development for patients with total hear loss. Therapy from Speech-language pathologists and audiologists is required for the learning process.

What are the dangers involved?

There is a danger of developing infections like mastoiditis, otitis. There is also a danger of shifting of the implanted device in certain cases. Facial nerve can also get damaged.





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